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We Have Kittens Available for July and August 2019!! Inquire at or text 9738513154 to receive pictures of available cuties!


Red Mctabby/White female! RESERVED

Cream Silver Mctabby male! RESERVED

Blue Torite/Very High White female! RESERVED

Beautiful Tortie/White! RESERVED

Sweet Red/White McTabby male NOW RESERVED!

Retired Breeder Alexandria Avail!

Tennessee, Alex' son, available as a pair! They love each other!!

Mom and Son available! Silver Mctabby/White and Tuxedo! NOW RESERVED!

Blue Lynx Point/White Male NOW RESERVED!

Silver Classic/White Male NOW RESERVED

Blue Torbie Girl Available

Inspurrations Cattery Available Black Smoke Gorgeous Male! ON HOLD

Flame Point Male Reserved! In California!

Email: or Text: 9738513154

Welcome to Inspurrrations Cattery and our new website in progress!  

Inspurrations is a TICA registered Cattery and breeds quality line Siberian cats in a cage free, loving home environment! 

Please see our available kittens above, and also check our website (that can’t be updated because the template is just so old!! :/) for many adorable kitten pictures and the set up of our cattery (old home page) while we work to fully update a new site.

Siberians are known to be 90% hypoallergenic. If you, your children, other family members or your close friends who visit are allergic to cats and, as a result, you have been unable to keep a pet or provide a pet for your children, you have come to the right place! We can send you a fur sample in the mail to assess your response to the fur of this breed before you reserve a kitten. Siberians are known to have a dog-like personality. Generally, they love to play fetch, come when you call them and do not run to hide under the bed when you have company! Siberians have long hair. Their coats are resistant to matting, requiring minimal grooming, and they generally shed only twice a year for approximately 10 days. There is minimal shedding in between. Siberians are truly the perfect cat! 

To reserve a kitten or for more information, please email Jacqueline Margulies at or Or Text 9738513154

Pricing on our Siberians are:

Pet Quality: 1250.00 (.03 percent or 37.50 will be donated to The Humane Society of the United States for each kitten purchased from our cattery)

Show/Alter Quality: 1500.00

Breeding Quality: 2200.00

Shipping or door to door delivery is available. Additional fees apply.

Mailing Address and Phone Contact Info:

Jacqueline Margulies, Inspurrations Cattery, mailing address 6189 Kansa Road, East Stroudsburg, PA 18302, email: phone: 973-851-3154

Kitten Care Basics and Contract Information

Our favorite vet! For the best care in the poconos, give him a call!

Dr Kyle Dutt
Dutt Veterinary Hospital
4172 N. Delaware Drive
Mt Bethel, PA 18343

Litter Box Training
At Inspurrations Cattery we use World's Best Cat Litter. This litter works very well with automatic and scoopable litter boxes. Kittens are litter box trained by their moms in our training room before they leave our cattery. They have had experience using automatic, scoopable and concealment litter boxes.
When you get your kitten home, introduce the kitten to the litter box by placing the kitten in the box, holding and moving the kittens paws in the litter in a "burying" motion and letting the kitten walk out of the box by him/herself. Note, if you have a concealment box and the kitten decides its a nice dark place to hide and sleep, remove the kitten from the box. Show the kitten where the litter box is a couple of times throughout the day. Keep the litter box in a place in the room that is quiet, and not heavily trafficed or noisy, in order to provide a private place. It is a good idea to keep the kitten confined to a room or two where there is a litter box and fresh food and water for the first couple of days. As the kitten begins to know the lay of the land and knows where his litter box is, begin introducing him/her to new rooms in the house. Never keep food and water too close to the litter box, as cats do not like to go to the bathroom where they eat. Cats are naturally inclined to eliminate in a litter box so don't be overly concerned. If an unexpected problem suddenly occurs, this can be the result of a urinary tract infection, stressors in the environment, spraying or other factors. Please contact us immediately if problems suddenly occur in order to provide you with assistance in correcting the problem. You can also find more information about litter box problems and easy solutions at The Humane Society of the United States' website. Click on our "Links" tab to see other important information you can get from the Humane Society and to be redirected to their site. 

We feed our kittens Life's Abundance Premium Health Dry food and Instinctive Choice Premium Canned Cat food. There has never been a recall on this brand of dry or canned food and the food was specially formulated by a veterinarian. It is important that kittens receive the special nutrients that a healthy brand of cat food provides. Click on our "Links" tab for information on how to purchase these brands of food, feeding and water dishes appropriate to your kittens height and size, and other supplies.

Playing with your kitten will help continue keeping him/her on the path to proper socialization and help avoid bad habits that can start with boredom. Playing also provides exercise that will help your cat avoid becoming overweight. Purchase toys that allow you to have interactive play with your cat, as well as toys that he/she can play with while your away from home. Interactive play, affection and attention will help keep your cat happy and friendly. Do not leave kittens unsupervised with toys that have long strings that can get wrapped around their necks or small objects/materials that can be injested. Avoid using your hands/fingers to play games with your new kitten, as it will encourage bitting and scratching and possibly lead to an aggressive cat. 

Climbing is second nature to cats. Cat trees allows the new addition to your family to satisfy that desire to climb. Rustic cat trees are unique combinations of tree branches and carpeted shelves/tunnels that also have sisal rope to provide a scratching post for your kitten. The shelves and/or tunnels provide a safe and secure, comfortable place to rest. You can place your cat tree in front of a sunny window or in a corner of the room where your cat likes to spend time. For information on purchasing a cat tree, click on the "Links" tab.

Siberian cat fur is resistant to matting, unlike many other longer haired cats. Brushing your kitten once a week should be sufficient, and more during their two ten or so day "molting" periods during the year. Siberian cats generally shed very little. Trim your kittens nails regularly. Ask your vet to show you how. Play with your kittens paws regularly while he/she is sitting in your lap or lying beside you to get your kitten used to having his/her paws handled. This promotes your kittens cooperation when it is time to cut his/her nails. Talk to your vet about eye and ear care.

We do not declaw our cats at Inspurrations Cattery. If your cat begins scratching your favorite furniture, there are ways to correct the problem and avoid the painful surgery of removing the first joints of your cats "fingers", leaving him/her defenseless if he/she ever escaped. Try using double sided sticky tape, positive/negative reinforcement, trim the cat's nails regularly and have scratching posts available.

        Contract Information

It has recently come to many breeders attention that a few individuals who purchased a Siberian as a pet from certain catteries are now breeding those Siberians that were sold/registered as PET ONLY (not to show or breed). The contract below has been updated by an attorney in order to protect Siberians from being cross bred and to protect you, the consumer, from individuals that might try to breed/cross breed Siberians and then attempt to sell you those Siberian kittens…..kittens they will not be able to provide registration papers for once your kitten is altered since they do not have the proper paperwork that gives them the right to breed Siberians. 
CONTRACT OF SALE FOR SIBERIAN KITTEN   (signed at pick up/delivery and you receive a copy)

This agreement was entered into on the ____ day of ___________,______, between Jacqueline Margulies of Inspurrations Cattery (hereafter “breeder”), and   

Print name(s) ________________________________________________________________________  Print home address ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________  Print telephone number __________________ other #__________________________   

Hereafter referred to as “purchaser”.   


1. This is a legally binding agreement for the sale/purchase of the following described Siberian kitten:   
sex:____________                                          birthdate:_____________   
present coat/color:__________________________________________   Dam:____________________________________________________   Sire:_____________________________________________________   

(hereinafter, “kitten” and/or “the animal described herein”)   

2. The price of this kitten shall be $______________. 

3. This kitten is purchased for (check applicable and cross out inapplicable):   


3A. Purchaser is required to alter the kitten within 4-8 months of the kitten’s birthdate (noted in paragraph 1) at the cost of the purchaser and provide written proof to the breeder by a currently licensed veterinarian within 60 days of the alteration of the kitten.  Purchaser assumes all risks of alteration surgery.  Breeder shall forward the kitten’s registration papers after veterinary proof confirming spay/neuter is received from purchaser.  Breeder may confirm alteration of the kitten with the veterinarian certifying the alteration.  In the event that the purchaser fails to EITHER alter the kitten within 4-8 months of the kitten’s birthdate or provide written proof to the breeder, the purchaser agrees that the breeder has the right to reposses the kitten with no obligation or refund from the breeder and the purchaser shall deliver the kitten to the breeder within 14 days of demand from breeder.  In the event that the purchaser fails to timely deliver the kitten to the breeder, the purchaser shall pay liquidated damages to the breeder in the amount of One Thousand Eight Hundred Dollars ($1,800.00) in addition to the price specified in paragraph 2.  The liquidated damages specified in this paragraph shall be without prejudice to attorneys fees and/or prejudgment interest pursuant to this contract if it becomes necessary to litigate to enforce this clause.   

4. Breeder can not guarantee future show achievement for cats sold as show. Kittens sold as show quality animals must be shown at least twice as a kitten in order to acclimate the kitten to the show process, and shown again as an adult until the cat has had the opportunity to earn enough points to achieve the minimum of Champion status.   

5. Breeder can not guarantee future reproductive capability for cats sold as breeders. In the event that a breeder quality kitten fails to produce a litter within 18 months, the breeder agrees to replace the cat with a kitten from a different litter. Shipping of the original kitten/cat and replacement kitten to and from breeder shall be the responsibility of the purchaser.   

6. The kitten is in good health to the best of breeder’s knowledge and is free from internal and external parasites.  Breeder guarantees this cat to be of sound health at time of sale/shipping. Purchaser agrees to have the kitten/cat examined by a licensed vet within 3 business days of purchase and agrees to notify breeder within 24 hours of any adverse finds. If any health concerns are found, the purchaser may return the cat/kitten to the breeder for a full refund of the purchase price. No medical or travel charges will be refunded. Breeder will provide kittens with proper inoculations consistent with its age prior to sale/shipment and shall supply a health record to the purchaser with the kitten.  Rabies to follow at 6 months (where required) and is the responsibility of the purchaser.   

7. All kittens are sold with a one year health guarantee against any congenital birth defects. Any cat suspected to have any genetic disorder should be taken to your veterinarian to confirm the problem.  Once you have obtained this documentation, purchaser should contact breeder to arrange return of affected cat. Purchaser is solely responsible for all costs involved in obtaining documentation and for shipping cat back to breeder. In the event that the kitten dies, a necropsy shall be performed at the purchaser’s sole expense and said documentation shall be provided to breeder.  Breeder will replace cat with a kitten of equal quality from a different litter when one becomes available, and shipping of the replacement kitten shall be the responsibility of the purchaser. *If you decide to keep the affected animal, no refund is offered. HOWEVER, if your animal has a congenital birth defect, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to notify the breeder. The breeder would never knowingly propagate any such lines, and is imperative that we be notified of any such problem.*   

8. Purchaser agrees that any and all costs or expenses associated with the health of the kitten, including any additional vaccinations that may be required depending upon the age of the kitten at the time that purchaser takes possession of the kitten, as well as future booster vaccinations, are solely the purchasers and, aside from the replacement of the kitten (per the terms and conditions set forth in Paragraph 7), the breeder shall not be responsible for any bills or costs incurred by the purchaser for veterinary treatment and/or other treatment or therapies for the kitten.     

9. The purchaser agrees that they will furnish adequate indoor facilities for the kitten and further agrees that the kitten shall never be allowed to roam outside freely during the lifetime of the animal described herein.    

10. The animal herein described may not be declawed, nor may it have a tendonectomy of any kind without obtaining written and signed permission from the breeder. It is recommended that you provide your cat with scratching posts or blocks in order to protect your furniture. Paying close attention to your kitten’s behavior when he/she arrives, followed by a firm “no” and redirection to acceptable scratching surfaces (when needed) is a very effective way to dissuade problem behaviors such as furniture scratching. The use of a squirt gun is strongly discouraged.   

11. Purchaser agrees not to cause the animal herein described to be sold, leased, or given away to any pet store, shelter, research lab, breeding mill or similar facility. Further, purchaser agrees not to sell, trade, give, lease or otherwise release the animal to any other breeder without the written permission of Inspurrations Cattery. Once purchaser alters this cat/kitten, he/she may be placed as a pet in a good home in the unfortunate event that the purchaser can no longer keep this cat/kitten.   

12. Purchaser assumes full responsibility for the animal herein described upon the kitten leaving the breeder’s premises.  It is hereupon agreed that the breeder shall not be responsible for any consequential damages attributable to the actions of the animal herein described after said animal has left the breeder’s premises.  In the event that any claim is made against the breeder as a result of the actions of the animal herein described, the purchaser agrees to fully indemnify the breeder for any and all damages and/or attorneys fees and costs associated with the defense of such claim by the breeder.   

13. Should enforcement of any portion of this contract become necessary, all legal fees, court costs, travel expenses, and related expenditures incurred by the breeder will be the sole responsibility of the purchaser.  This contract and the terms herein shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Pennsylvania, without giving effect to any principles of conflicts of law.  You agree that any action at law or in equity arising out of or relating to this contract shall be filed only in the courts located in Monroe County, Pennsylvania to the exclusion of all other courts and purchaser hereby consents and submits to the personal jurisdiction of such courts for the purpose of litigating any such action. Should any portion of this contract be found invalid or unenforceable by a court of law, all remaining portions herein shall remain valid and fully enforceable.   

By signing this contract, you are entering into a legally binding agreement for the purchase of the above described cat and agree to all terms described herein.  

Signature of Breeder   ____________________________________________________________ 
Printed name of Breeder   ___________________________________________Date______________ 
Signature of Purchaser   ____________________________________________________________ 
Printed name of Purchaser   ___________________________________________Date______________ 
Signature of Co-Purchaser   ____________________________________________________________ 
Printed name of Co-Purchaser 

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (

The Siberian is a long haired breed of cat. The Siberian cat breed is recognized by most cat organizations, which accept Siberians of any color (including color points) for competition. This includes recognition in the major cat registries such as TICA and Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA), as well as acceptance in the CFA Championship class beginning on February 6th, 2006.


Known to be an exceptionally high jumper, the Siberian is a strong and powerfully built cat, with well proportioned characteristics that include strong hindquarters and large stomachs. They typically weigh between 15-20 pounds (6.8-9.1 kg) for the males, or 10-15 pounds (4.5-6.8 kg) for females. They are shorter and stockier than Maine Coon cats and Norwegian Forest Cats even though they can attain approximately the same weight. Also, Siberians typically attain their full growth more slowly, over their first 5 years.

Siberians are generally intelligent, playful, affectionate and loyal, leading many to describe their character as dog-like.

Siberians may be 90% hypoallergenic. No conclusive information is currently available. Despite the lack of scientific evidence, extensive anecdotal evidence can be found from breeders and pet owners supporting such claims. Siberian fur is textured, medium-long and usually tabby patterned. Their fur is plush, can have a wide range of coloration (including points), and does not have a tendency to mat.

On average, a Siberian cat's litter consists of 5 kittens.

While Siberians are a fairly recent introduction to the US(1990) and thus relatively rare, though popular, the breed can be seen in Russian paintings and writings hundreds of years old. This sets them apart from breeds that are the result of fairly recent selective breeding.
There is an increasing interest in Siberians worldwide, and they are currently accepted in all registries.

Breed Standard

Description: The Siberian is a medium/large, strong cat which takes 5 years to mature. The females weigh less than the males. They are extremely agile and athletic. Their muscles are mighty, outstanding and powerful. The back is medium and slightly lower in front than in the hind, but appears horizontal when in motion. A barrel shaped, muscular torso, develops with age. The hind legs, when straightened, are slightly longer than the forelegs. The paws are round, big and quite powerful. The overall appearance should be one of great strength and power; the facial expression is quite sweet. The general impression is one of roundness and circles.

Coat: This is a moderately long to longhaired cat, with hair on the shoulder blades and lower part of the chest being thick and slightly shorter. Siberians have a triple coat. There should be an abundant ruff setting off the large, impressive head. There is a tight undercoat, thicker in cold weather. Allow for warm weather coats. The hair may thicken to curls on the belly and britches, but a wavy coat is not characteristic. The skin may have a bluish cast. Clear strong colors and patterns are desirable, but are secondary to type.

Eyes: The large, almost round eyes are at least one eye width apart with the outer corner slightly angled toward the lower base of the ear. There is no relationship between eye color and coat color/pattern, however, as with all pointed cats the eye color is blue with pointed colors

Ears: The ears are medium-large, wide and set as much on the sides of the head as on the top; ideal position is 1 to 1-1/2 ear widths apart. The tips are rounded and the ear tilts forward. Ear furnishings are desirable. Hair over the back of the ears is short and thin; from the middle of the ear, the furnishings become longer and cover the base completely.

Tail: The tail is medium length, wide at the base, blunt at the tip without thickening or kinks, evenly and thickly furnished.

Head: The head is a modified wedge of medium size with rounded contours, broader at the skull and narrowing slightly to a full rounded muzzle with well-rounded chin. There may be a slight muzzle curvature, but the transition between the side of the head and the muzzle is gentle and inconspicuous. The cheek bones are neither high set nor prominent. There should be a good distance between the ears and eyes. The top of the head is flat, with a gentle nose curvature of a gentle slope from the forehead to the nose and a slight concave curvature before the tip. The neck is medium, rounded, substantial, and very well-muscled, siberians have the appearance of no neck.

There exists controversy concerning color point Siberians. Some consider them to be a separate breed called Neva Masquerade, but so far no major cat registry has accepted them as a separate breed. They are considered to be a color division of the Siberian breed.

The Humane Society of the United States
To get information on how pets help people's emotional and physical health, how to choose a veterinarian, choosing a pet sitter, cat care (salvaging your favorite furniture using tips to avoid declawing, other behavior tip sheets, trimming nails, etc), teaching children to be kind to animals, what to do if you are having trouble affording veterinary care and more, click here to be taken to The Humane Society of the United States' webiste.

Cat Trees
Did you like the tree you saw Boris sitting on in some of his photos? You can purchase your own hand crafted, rustic design tree from Furwood Forest. Click here to view the Furwood Forest website.
Kitten Supplies
You can find great toys (including Boris' favorite springs that he loves to fetch!), automatic litter boxes, World's Best Cat Litter, food and water dishes appropriate to your kittens height, grooming supplies and more at Drs. Foster and Smith. Click here to be transferred to their website.


We feed our kittens Life's Abundance Premium Health dry food and Instinctive Choice Premium canned cat food, both specially formulated by a veterinarian. If you are looking to feed your kitten the quality food that Inspurrations Cattery provides our cats and kittens, click here to make your purchase. If you do not use this link when you order, please let them know you were referred by Jacqueline Margulies at Inspurrations Cattery. Click on the following links to see the reviews on Life's Abundance dry food and Instinctive Choice canned food.

Alternative Website for Kitten Supplies

You can purchase World's Best Cat Litter, toys and more at with two day free delivery for orders over 35.00 with no membership needed.

Alternative Websites for Trees

You can purchase very nice, large, inexpensive trees at Armarkat. Click here to be redirected to their website.

For new easy to clean, healthier trees, go to Feline Snoozers! Click here to go to their website, then click on their cat-a-log!Just for laughs!.......If you have ever had to give your cat medicine, what was your experience like? Click herefor a guide to giving your cat a pill, and for laughs! :) Of course, never follow step 20!


Visit, the cat lovers online directory. You can find information on breeds, cat shows and events, supplies, etc.

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